I’m a simplified living coach! I finally found what I want to do now that I’ve grown up:)

With simple living and minimalism all the rage these days, it is about time that we who have had experience in these areas start to help those who have not–but want to learn–transform their lives.  I decided that I am more than a professional organizer–I am a simplified living coach. Learn more at my web page http://www.simplifiedlivingcoach.com

Here are the things you will learn as I support you on your journey:

  • Sorting techniques that are FAST and easy
  • De-cluttering methods that are efficient
  • Goal setting, project,  and time management
  • Nonviolent Communication–we’ll be practicing it all the time:)
  • Simple stretching and exercises to keep us awake and focused!
  • Basic healthy  practices including  expressing appreciation, dry brushing, standing on the earth, hand and foot massage, ,journaling drinking water, imaginative prayer and laughing a lot!
  • How to have fun in simple ways
  • Learning to live with less
  • How to decide what is really important and necessary
  • Developing a life plan to look towards so that when you have more time you can move on those things that are important to you!
  • Dealing with difficult emotions in constructive ways

Here is the experience along with skills I have developed so that I can support you in a variety of ways–from offering empathy to preparing healthy food to being super efficient in the letting go process:

  • Simple living practitioner: 40 years
  • Professional organizer with a focus on downsizing: 15 years.
  • Project planner and implementer: 44 years
  • Vegetarian (now mostly raw plant based vegan) 40 years
  • Follower of the non-violent Jesus and his teachings of loving God and people: 13 years
  • Homeschooling, grace-based parenting mom (now with one child entering the masters program at University of Arkansas):  25 years
  • Gardener: 40 years
  • Nonviolent Communication practitioner: 25 years
  • Musician, singer, harmonizer: 52 years

Ideas for ways to cooperate with people in San Diego area

I plan to be living in the San Diego area for about 3 months–June, July and August. I am accompanying my 18 year old daughter, Mahriyanna, on the Greyhound bus to San Diego where she will serve as a friend and companion to her 13 year old niece. I am taking this opportunity to have a working vacation where I can make some quantum leaps–or maybe just next steps–spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. I am almost sixty, and I want to serve more than ever during these challenging times, and my dream is that I will find an environment where I can both serve using my many skills and talents and be enriched at the same time in a community like setting.

Here is my ideal goal: Live with an affluent family, couple or individual who lives in the San Diego or Orange County starting June 6who wants to downsize and simplify their life and make changes that will benefit their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well being, and share this process with the world via a documentary I will make during the process. My compensation: room and board and an additional agreed upon fee for working full time on the project as well as contributing with help with chores and healthy vegan food preparation. What I can live in a tent in the back yard, on the couch, or just about any where–I am flexible if the situation is the right fit for me. Learn more about me and my values and life style here:

I am also open to trading room and board with a community, family, individual or couple and help do the job described above–but not living with that particular family. I want to be open to the possibilities and thus not make any long term commitments unless the situation seems just right. I can commit to a week or even a few days at a time to help out in the following ways:

1. Be a live in health and organizing coach. Trade room and board for about 12 hours a week (which is a good deal since I charge $20 an hour for my services) Preparing a vegan diet based on the Hallelujah Diet  would be one of my main jobs.  Helping with living your dream, organizing, de-cluttering, time-management,  developing systems for living a simple life and downsizing are other skills I could offer. See more possibilities here.

2.  Be a live-in health/downsizing/simplifying your life coach and full time worker:  For someone who has serious health problems, I could work with another helper or family member with the Hallelujah Diet Recovery Program and develop a plan so that friends and family members can help after I leave.

3.  Pay for a room or camp as a part of an intentional community or family.  I could pay about $125 a week for rent or less for back yard or back porch camping. I would look for organizing jobs so that I can keep my commitment. For a discounted amount, I could camp out in the back yard and use the house facilities. Eating a super healthy vegan diet and having harmonious roommates who share my values are my highest priority.

Locations that would be ideal, but not absolutely necessary:

1. Carlsbad/Oceanside. I am drawn to Northcoast Calvary Chapel where I get the feeling that service and love are more important than dogma and doctrine. I would love to get a live-in position with folks who attend this church. I also am drawn to Daybreak Church in Carlsbad

2. Golden Hills: There is a Jesus-centered community nieucommunities.org/ If I got a position here, I would love to connect with these folks.

3. Encinitas: This is where many of my old friends live and is familiar stomping grounds for me with beautiful Swami’s beach and the SRF Gardens. I would definitely experience some healing being back in this place.

My talents:

Professional organizer: http://www.simplifiedliving.info
Vegan food preparation: http://www.hacres.com/hallelujah-diet/typical-day
Nonviolent Communication Practitioner: https://www.cnvc.org/about/what-is-nvc.html
Music teacher: beginning Guitar and begiingginvoice
Song leader and worship leader
Administrative assistant:
Cleaner: (Not my favorite thing to do–but I have been doing this as a living for 20 years)

My profile:

Spiritual: I am a follower of the non-violent, peace-loving, beautiful Jesus and I consider him to be my mentor and master. I do my best to follow his commandments which he sums up by telling us to love God and love each other. Most likely I will have different view points from many who I am sending this to because most of my friends in the San Diego area are disciples of Yogananda, the path that I followed for 15 years. I sure resonated with this article about someone who has been turned off by Christians: http://www.nieucommunities.org/2014/02/06/christianity-a-barrier-to-jesus-part-1/ I want to reassure you that I will not push my beliefs on you but will enjoy having peaceful dialogue about what we believe which will lead to some interesting blog posts I’m sure! Most of my clients here in Fayetteville are not Jesus followers and we get along very well.

Family: I dedicated most of my time, energy and resources during the past quarter century to raise our two children who are now 18 and 25. This is quite a feat since I never wanted to be a parent and have such responsibility! I feel grateful to good friends, God and two fathers for wonderful support. Learn more about some of the things my kids have been doing at http://www.facebook/funfellowshipandservice

Community: Passionately I have wanted to live in community since I was 21–39 years ago. Failing to find an intentional community that all of our family could accept, we decided that we five (my two former husbands, two children and I) really are community. You can learn about us here. We have 27 acres of land located near Kingston, AR in a larger intentional neighborhood
and we dream of finding more people who want to join us in making this a vibrant, Christ-centered community dedicated to serving our neighborhood and the world

Serving the world: From the time I was a pre-teen (with a break during my two years of college) I have loved to serve. When I returned from a 13 month journey to countries such as Afghanistan, India, and Iran, my desire to serve returned and ever since then I have been seeking to find how to use my talents and skills and passions to make the world a better place. Finding that I am very good at organizing and helping people downsize for the past 15 years lead me to realize that I want to help people simplify their lives and thus be more able to help be part of the solution rather than the problem. Some of the areas I would love to encourage people to get involved in are: living simply in order to help the environment; abolishing slave trafficking; waking people up to the value and reality of human life in the womb; living a vegan, mostly raw, lifestyle; helping people to have fun in ways that help them to be healthy–like playing volleyball; encouraging peaceful living through Nonviolent Communication; promoting healthy parenting and family life through things such as Grace-based parenting and NVC; supporting Christians in having a healthier relationship with Jesus and with others through healing methods such as Immanuel Approach, and healthy brain modalities such as the Life Model.

Fun: I think it is important to have fun with friends and family, but I confess I have not prioritized fun because I have been so busy doing things I enjoyed or feeling need to work and fulfill duties and be serious about life and nurturing my family, community and the world. But I am in a new stage in my life and ready for change! I love to play volleyball with people who are really good but not super competitive. Back packing. Walking. Bicycling. Singing. Worshiping. Dancing. Laughing. Doing informal comedy acts.

Strengths: I have listed pretty much all my strengths but I want to put a few more: I am extremely healthy, strong, energetic, encouraging positive, and do my best to communicate honestly, lovingly and clearly with out judgement and inviting dialogue. I am a great listener, very empathic, and do my very best to love all–even my enemies. I have a great relationship with my kids and I have cooperated with my former husbands, one for the past 40 years–and I guess that says something!

Weaknesses: I can get so focused on serving others needs that I don’t take care of myself. I have major problems with my teeth and gums–and I yearn to heal them naturally. They don’t hurt, but many have fallen out. Otherwise I am very healthy and feeling better than I did when I was 20! I have not been able to be as centered as I would like with one of my former husbands which has not been good for our children–and that is one reason I want to have space–so I can heal those hurting parts of myself that tend to react and judge. I have more weaknesses, as we all do–but I think these are the ones I am willing to share publicly and which may affect your decision to work with me.