About Patricia Mikkelson


I am the mother of two children, Mahriyanna (19) and Chris (26).  Chris is in the masters program at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville majoring in communication and teaching public speaking. Mahriyanna graduated from the high school program at Penn Foster University. They both were homeschooled. They are amazing kids, and involved in ministry and discipleship stuff that are outside of mainstream Christianity but in my view so close to the heart of what Jesus taught.

Mentoring my children following Jesus and helping them live their dreams has been my greatest joy in life.  My highest priority is following Jesus  with others including my community and a larger fellowship of Jesus followers at Living Springs.

To make a living, I am a professional organizer and simplified living coach specializing in helping people downsize, simplify and de-clutter so that they can achieve their life-giving goals. I am part of a beautiful community called Wellspring Community.

We own land near Kingston which neighbors Living Springs. My dream is that my former husbands (Robert Kersbergen and Cliff Mikkelson) and our kids can all eventually live there and that others will join us to create a larger community with a goal of helping bring the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven by being a learning center where all kinds of useful things like how to live in and create healthy community  will be taught in experiential, exciting, sustaining ways. .

I also want to help the neighborhood Living Springs become a thriving village where everyone is cooperating and many people join us in buying land and creating ministries that support life in a variety of ways.

I so value Robert and Cliff, my two former husbands, in how they have been faithful, loving fathers to our children.  They have gone through extremely difficult times in order to keep our family together. I acknowledge them for their dedication and willingness to work out conflicts so that we are all together sharing life with each other and our children. They are incredible friends and I am so glad that we have been able to stay together over the past decades.

I have a unique life, and I am glad that these days quirkiness is gaining in popularity! I hope you will share your weird-ness and brokenness and messiness with me as well as your inspiration.



3 thoughts on “About Patricia Mikkelson

  1. Dear Patricia..first of all HappyBelated Birthday, my Leo friend…Loved your writings…you have always been so authentic and heart drivien..lovely expressions..Melanie Lococo here and I have been thinking of you so much lately….well…I have been remembering all our great work with the children and your wonderful effort to bring self esteem programs to all the children…are you at all interested in thinking about revivisiting that type of focus again? You have been on my mind and heart and just thought I’d reach out to see…I have a couple of ideas and wanted to share them when you have a few moments. God Bless you Patricia..I see your beautiful smiling face…Melanie

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