This case might be very beneficial for you to help with because it has the potential to bring your organization potentially international publicity, as well as prevent an innocent man from going to prison. 

You can learn more from this blog post where you will learn about Brad the former Smithfield pig farm manager and how Smithfield is trying to make an example of him so other Smithfield employees will not speak out against their cruelty and corruption. 

In addition, a Right to Rescue law could be passed. You can read the dramatic story of how the animals were rescued here. Brad’s part in the story (he is referred to as a pig farmer) was ommitted because the people who took the pigs to sanctuary were afraid that Smithfield might try to take the pigs back. It has been a year now, with no retaliation by Smithfield.

Here is a petition related to Brad’s case. The almost 2000 signatures shows great support by people. 

Brad Johnson’s story of rescuing 42 pigs from the gas chamber is dramatic and heart-breaking.  He told his story to thousands, both in person and on video because Direct Action Everywhere brought him out to California for a tour.   DxE raised $18,000 for Brad to help him get back on his feet, which shows how his story touched people’s hearts. You can no longer find the fundraiser on FB because DxE removed it, but learn more about it here. 

Thus, there is momentum. But for reasons not clearly known, Direct Action Everywhere dropped support of him in many ways, including legal support. 

I think that any organization who takes up this cause will being doing a great service to the animals and to the people who are so exploited by companies like Smithfield. Plus, the publicity you can garner can help your organization tremendously. Will you consider taking up this cause? 

If you don’t think you can help, do you have any recommendations as to who we could approach? 

Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this. Please email or call me. Livablefutureproject@gmail.com 479-313-0414

Thank you so much for all you are doing to make a better world for all of life, including the animals. 

Remember-the post is right here for more details.


Patricia Mikkelson