Learn how to develop and maintain solid friendships using the Friendship Circle format which will help you to feel a sense of connection as you fulfill your heartfelt dreams.

In this dynamic and practical workshop you will learn how to organize and facilitate a safe space where participants can learn practices which can lead to profoundly satisfying and fruitful friendships including:

  • Eliminating the walls of resentment and unforgiveness

  • Open up your heart by becoming increasingly authentic and vulnerable

  • Build trust through keeping agreements and making amends

  • Express deep appreciation

  • Listen empathically

  • Give and receive loving feedback

  • Work out conflicts in way that yield closeness and connection

This workshop will be especially beneficial for anyone who is passionate about thriving while at the same time contributing to the well being of the world including:

*Animal rights activists


*Activists in any social movement

*Members of intentional communities

*People searching for meaning and connection


Kim, Sky, and Patricia have been experimenting with and finding great success in using the Friendship Circle Format to deepen their friendships.

Kim Broniman: Life coach in training. Writer. Publisher of the blog www.giftsonthejourney.com

Scott Masters: NVC practitioner and facilitator, inner child workshop presenter, leader in the Adult Child of Alcoholics community in San Diego. Founder of the Born to Bloom Center. Mission Circle member of Vegan Utopia Ecovillage,

Patricia Mikkelson: Co-Founder of Vegan Utopia Ecovillage, practitioner of NVC for 30 years, facilitator of groups for the past 48 years, student of intentional communities for 43 years. Passionate animal rights activist.

The Need

Creating small groups of friends where people can feel a sense of belonging and safety is helpful to the success of any movement. There is a great deal of conflict and people exiting activist groups because this is lacking.

Leaders in the animal rights movement such as  Clare Mann, Vegan Psychologist,  have stated that healthy community building is essential for the success of any movement. Friendships are the building blocks of community.

In the book, Rebel Friendships, the author, Benjamin Shepard “explores the way friendship infuses social movements with the social capital necessary to move bodies of ideas forward. Such innovation is rarely seen in more institutionalized social arrangements. Rebel Friendships offers a new take on the ties between friends who are connected through affinity and efforts aimed at social change.”

Join us as we experience the exhilaration and joy that comes from fostering healthy friendships and thus creating healthy communities where everyone can thrive.

Our philosophy about learning:

People learn in different ways. We want to support all learning styles. Learning by doing is important to us. Here are some  ways we engage you in the process:

*Practicing–through visualization, journaling, and doing exercises with class members

*Reflecting after practice–sharing what  have learned so we can all expand our knowledge

*Questions and answers

A follow up questionnaire will be sent out so we can learn more about the students and draw upon the wisdom they have even more deeply. We want to keep improving and expanding our knowledge base.

A handout with resources and class outline will be available for students who sign up.