It really works out for me to live with people and simultaneously be able to offer them as a trade my services of organizing/downsizing, edible landscape gardening, cleaning, life coaching, childcare and/or vegan food preparation (preferably raw and juicing). Starting December 21, 2018 through March 21, 2018. I can do a trial period of a week so we can make sure we are a good fit. 

A vegan household where people are wanting to live in a community-like setting in Fayetteville would be ideal, yet I am willing to live with non-vegans. In the past,  I have worked 8 hours a week as my exchange. That amount of time is negotiable.

Here are the kinds of people who would benefit from this exchange:

Vegans and/or animal rights activists who want to have a like-minded person around for encouragement and support

Cancer patients who want to be on a healing regime of diet and lifestyle changes

Elderly people who want help around the house and some company

Growing people who want to transition to a vegan diet and healthier habits

Spiritual people who want support in doing such things as meditating and other universal spiritual practices

Community-minded people who want to practice such things as Nonviolent Communication and Sociocracy

Folks with a big vision who want coaching and help with developing productive habits and a strategic plan to help their dream become reality.

Parents who want to homeschool and who could use help with childcare so they can have more time for themselves and someone who can teach their children things like music and gardening.

I have traded my services for rent on and off over the past 43 years, starting with my first experience at age 19 in the beautiful beach town in North San Diego County.  Three years ago when I went to the Bay Area to live there temporarily, I ended up staying for 6 months and always finding a place to live where we had a beautiful exchange of room (or couch). I traded my rent for my organizing skills in a beautiful condo overlooking the bay in San Diego, and in 3 different homes in Fayetteville.

How I will spend my time:

I will prioritize making sure that i keep up with my work exchange.

I would love to be with people who are wanting to take care of themselves–body, mnd and soul. We can encourage each other to do things like meditate, exercise, make healthy food, achieve our goals, play and help each other as friends. We will figure out together clear boundaries about what i am doing to trade for rent, and what is just helping each other out.

I am focusing on refining the vision of the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage which is being built on land near Kingston, Arkansas and finding partners to help in this endeavor. I am also promoting the sale of a beautiful home and land near the Ecovillage site which I hope will be purchased by other community builders. I will be looking for paid work using my skills mentioned above.

I will also work on supporting the growing animal rights movement in NW Arkansas and helping all the people who are trying to make the the world a better place with through nonviolent methods with my fledgling organization, Livable Future Alliance.

I am exploring the possibility joining the Unitarian Church in Fayetteville. I am a Christian Universalist who believes that everyone will ultimately find their way to fulfilling their highest potential. Therefore, I believe in a Creator who is NOT going to send people to hell just because they don’t believe that Jesus is the only way.

My Needs:

  • A quiet room where I can set up a small office with my little desk and chair. .
  • Place to park my car, bicycle and trailer.
  • Wireless connection so I can use my computer.
  • People who are willing to talk about clear boundaries and non-negotiable needs, and to work things out using tools such as Nonviolent communication as we come upon disagreements.

If you would like references, I can give you contact information for Burnetta Hinterthuer and Steve Holst, and Debi Lambeth. I lived and worked for them.

You can learn more about me at my Facebook page or on the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage site here.

To explore possibilities, please contact me at 479-313-0414, or message me on Facebook, or email me at

I just got some wonderful vegan food at a small restaurant on the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville campus after passing out some leaflets about speciesism
I really loved interacting with the students at the U of A campus in Fayetteville. Many were very receptive about learning about how they could help animals and accepted the leaflet I shared with them.
I’m in my car–I am an excellent driver with a good record.
I was visiting a friend in St. Louis and he introduced me to his little buddy, a hamster that was a rescue.
I loved leading a march encouraging a ban on fur in St. Louis. We were very peaceful and positive. That is how I love to do animal rights work!
I love growing flowers and veggies. This pot as well as so many plants in my garden, were just thriving. Seeing flowers and plants helps me to be happy and smile!
Comfrey is one of my favorite plants to grow. It has miraculous healing properties and is so easy to grow. And it has beautiful flowers.
I get a cover crop on the hugelkultur garden in my yard. This is the best way to grow food that I have found.