Thanks to my friend, Sharon Lia Robinson, for writing this poem and giving me permission to publish it. You can see her work at

(In his 2015 encyclical, Laudate Si, On Care For Our Common Home, Pope Francis writes about awareness and concern for protection of planet earth in connection to theology, spiritual practice and science. At the end of his encyclical, he offers prayers.
I am inspired by Pope Francis and by my own experiences to write the following impressions).

Angels of Wisdom and Grace, A Prayer Poem: by Sharon Lia Robinson

Honoring our Mother Earth and the Cosmic Christ.

Pray for forgiveness for all who have hurt or harmed you.

Pray to be forgiven.

Pray for planetary healing for our Mother Earth.

for communion of the vision
of the Cosmic Christ
for the healing of all humanity

in this holy wisdom
lives the ancient secret
of salvation
of resurrection
of planetary stewardship
care and concern

for all of life
is the body and blood
of the Cosmic Christ and Mother Earth

the suffering of Mother Earth
is the loss of her caring children
who are no longer her stewards

God please send your angels
of mercy to heal Mother Earth
impart your holy vision once again


angels of stardust
are coming to heal the planet

in various forms
in various manners
they are transmitting
rays of illumination

all who feel this
new vibration
partake of the resurrection
the holy communion of saints

the darkness will no longer be darkness
the heavens are descending
to recover the light

and redemption
in the spirit
of social justice
integrity and love
for our Creator
in the living
breathing cosmos

Please shape Mother Earth back into the holy image you created for her, O Lord.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

My prayers for myself are also for the planet and the healing of Mother Earth.

Lord, help me to be anchored in your love, to find to know to live the wisdom in connection to the Love and the healing of our Mother Earth.

Lord, help me to be anchored in your love.
I pray for wisdom and sacred guidance for the healing of our Mother Earth. Amen

Ask Mother Earth’s forgiveness for the damage done to her.

Dear Mother Earth,

Please forgive all who have in the past or present continue to harm you and your Beloved creation, including all beings and creatures. Inspire us with the flame of heartfelt passion to work ceaselessly for your healing, renewal.

Thank you, Angels of Wisdom and Grace.

October 15, 2016