I am going to be sharing some articles from a young man who wishes to remain anonymous because, unfortunately, he might receive some negative attention if he was to reveal his name. I feel grateful that I was able to encourage him in helping him realize that he can still connect with Jesus even if he no longer calls himself Christian.  Here is the article he wrote: 

Christianity in the house I have grown up in through the years has always been a choice that my brother and I had. I started going to church when I was around nine years of age and went off and on until about nine months into my sixteenth year of being on this lovely planet.

One thing I always remember feeling while being a Christian was a ton of guilt every time I messed up. Many will say the saying we hear a lot among churches “ you never truly let him into your heart.” I don’t feel that this statement applies to me I truly felt a connection to Christ and in many ways still do but it was the “religion” behind it that made me feel terrible. Always feeling a constant pull away from my family and friends because I felt like I needed to mention God to them any chance I got.

Knowing they just simply didn’t want to talk about it was something as a Christian I couldn’t really accept. Later realizing that it would be better to not “push” God onto my family and peers. This would, in the end, bring us much closer.

It was 9 months after my 16th birthday I tried psilocybin mushrooms. This experience really broke me out of a state of feeling guilty about some life choices and made me truly question my faith in Christianity. During the “trip” I came to the conclusion that mother nature is God and the all-powerful.

With this in my head, I lead a much happier life, with regular meditation in the mornings and reflections on my day in the afternoons. Needless to say I was happy. One of my spiritual beliefs that I hold onto today is that psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms should be used as tools to better one’s spiritual and emotional life, not something to just “get messed up” on.

After getting into some trouble with the police I spiraled down into a dark place which I am just now coming out of. I lost a lot of the lessons I received that day, but it’s not a guilt thing it’s simply life. Knowing this and realizing that it’s okay to mess up and figure things out on my own is remarkably motivating. Christ teachings of love and forgiveness have always stuck with me, and In my head, I feel connected to him because of that.

My mind was blown when reading Trish’s article regarding her not identifying as a Christian and I relate to it in so many ways. I am ecstatic to see what the future holds regarding my spirituality and am open to anything that I know will help me treat others and myself better. That, in my opinion, is what a happy life is about, doing what fits your needs as a person to help you live a fruitful life in most cases a good spiritual connection with a divine being is the key to that.

I am 17 years old and look forward to having an open mind through this mind-blowing journey we call life.