thanking everyone for a great thanksgiving

Hello all,

can someone forward this to Lanae’s parents, or read it to them? thanks!

I just want you all to know how much I enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner together. I have not sat down and talked to you, Kathy and Mark, in such a focused way, and I am overjoyed to hear how much we have in common.

I think we are all grateful to Lanae and Chris for bringing us together!

Hey, if I said or did anything to offend any of you…will you forgive me? I get a little excited when I am around new people, and also I just felt really relaxed and happy–so I might have said jokes or perhaps said more words than were nurturing to all–​I hope you know that I am happy to accept ​people’s feedback especially when the truth is told in love.

I look forward to getting to know all of you better, and feel so happy that our community is growing, in a sense.

love to all, and see you at the wedding (Maud’s and Josh’s, that is!)

Patricia Mikkelson

Community Organizer and Coach

Professional Organizer

Founder of the Community: Connect! Project

Creator of Wellspring Ecovillage Project


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