updates on my arrival time

My workshop in madison ends on aug. 28. i’m trying to decide if i might take my time in coming home because adventures await me in that part of the country–like eco-villages in st louis, greg boyd in st paul, my friends in chicago, some cool things in kansas city.

i cold take a month to get back…but i want to get your feedback and counsel.


i am already in the area–i might make connections and get rides

I could find people interested in the ozarks because they are closer

i could learn some more good stuff.

reasons against:

ii want to see my dear family!

it will start cooling off, and i can work physically on the land

never know what might happen in this very fragile political climate–maybe it is time to get home.

Hey–i am just praying about it. 🙂

I get to fly to madison–got a cheap flight with the help of Raines. $30 more than bus! 20 hours less!

​i love you all a ton:)​

Patricia Mikkelson
Professional Organizer and Simplified Living Coach
Facebook: www.facebook.com/simplifiedlivingnow


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