My autobiography: Part 1 Intro

This is funny. I came to my blog for the first time in a month–and I find this headline. But I didn’t write anything! So I am just going to say–I plan on writing my autobiography….and I will write just a little now. I was born in Lafayette, Indiana, in 1954. My father was an ROTC instructor at Purdue University. I feel very fortunate because I was the only one of my four sibling who got to have my daddy with me for the first three years of my life, which I understand are extremely important years for developing secure attachments. Having secure attachments helped me, I think, weather the many storms of life that I have encountered without going crazy. Okay, some may think I have gone crazy…but that is another story.

My parents had many good friends, and some of them we called “uncle” and “aunt” even though they weren’t blood relatives. So I remember Uncle Basel–but I d0n’t remember his wife’s name. Uncle Basel taught me two things when we moved back to Indiana when I was 8 years old. I am pretty sure I was between 8 and 10 years old when he shared these words which I so value.

  1.   If everyone likes you, something is wrong. You are probably trying to please people, and not be true to yourself.
  2. Whenever  you do something, ask yourself, “What would happen if everyone did this? Would it be good for the entire world?”

To think that I had a wise person in my life sharing these profound truths when I was pretty young seems amazing to me. This way of thinking was way before its time, yes? I mean, that was 54 years ago. And that I could actually let those words sink in, and still remember them. That is amazing to me as well.

So now, in conclusion, I want to remember that my words and ideas may have more impact than I will ever know on people. And I still need to remind myself of the words of wisdom that my Uncle Basel shared with me. It is always a temptation to try to please people and not be true to myself. I still do things that are not all that great for the planet. I want to be in prayer about living these two truths out to the best of my ability, and thus I can be more congruent, and thus have more personal power which I can use in order to help bring about the positive changes that are sorely needed in the world.

When I was 26 or so, I went to a career counselor who told me that the way I was going to be effective was to work with a team, because that is how I work best. I am looking for a team of people with complementary skills, and shared values which include following Jesus teachings of non-violence and enemy love, wise stewardship of the earth, and commitment to living simply with utmost integrity. I love the values of the Transition Town movement I want to work together with them in order to build an eco-village on my family’s 27 acres of land in Arkansas, which can expand into the larger property of Living Springs which has about 600 acres of available property to buy.

I hope and pray that my autobiography can end with my family and I living in our ecovillage and helping every living creature on the earth thrive. Maybe you will be a part of that vision! I can’t wait to find out:)






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