Resources I wish I had when I left the church when I was 16

I wrote this about a year ago, and at that time I was not passionate about the animal rights movement as I am now. You can find out more why I am so passionate about my faith and this movement at  I am amazed at how my life and faith walk has changed for the better since I realized how important animal welfare is to God’s heart.

Here is the article that I wrote as a response to a father who’s son had left the church, hoping this might help him reach out to his son.

Rob Bell wrote the controversial book, Love Wins, and in less than five minutes, he shares about evangelical Christianity in a way that is so inspiring and from the heart. 

Peter Rohr is a philosopher and a Christian who grew up during the great conflicts in Belfast where Catholics and Christians were killing each other. He is well worth listening to. Less than 5 minutes.

Science Mike grew up as an evangelical Christian who then decided he was an atheist and still attended church, hiding his unbelief. Then he came back to his faith in a new way. I liked the way he answered an atheist who attends a Christian church who wrote him a letter.

Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest, says, “Christians are usually sincere and well-intentioned people until you get to any real issues of ego, control power, money, pleasure, and security. Then they tend to be pretty much like everybody else. We often given a bogus version of the Gospel, some fast-food religion, without any deep transformation of the self; and the result has been the spiritual disaster of “Christian” countries that tend to be as consumer-oriented, proud, warlike, racist, class conscious, and addictive as everybody else-and often more so, I’m afraid.”
Richard Rohr, Breathing Underwater: Spirituality and the 12 Steps

Here is a two minute video where Richard defines love 

You can find out more about him at this website Update on May 3, 2017: I am not as inspired by Richard these days because he seems to be moving away from the orthodox Christian beliefs, but I certainly was inspired by him during a time when I really needed his teachings.

Bruxy Cavey is the teaching pastor at The Meeting House, a mega church in Canada that shares the non-violent teachings of Jesus. Listen to Bruxy share  in this video in less than five minutes about why there is evil in the world if God is so good.

I appreciate Greg Boyd, a scholar, author, and pastor of Woodland Hills Church. He has a lot of great teachings.

Science Mike has a great writing on dealing with doubt from a scientist’s point of view

Rob Bell understands that Jesus teachings indicate that we can make heaven and hell in the present moment. Notice how the person who posted this video wanted to try to discredit him with scriptures. But listen to Rob’s words. What a contrast! (less than ten minutes) 

If you are willing to spend a bit more time, Science Mike gives one of the most inspiring and grounded testimonies I have ever heard from a Christian. You might get hooked on these podcasts

The Liturgists podcasts about GLBTQ was so powerful that after listening, I made my final decision that I wanted to be a part of a church that welcomes qualified people of all sexual orientations to be in leadership positions and not to be viewed as sinners.

I have lots more great resources, but I have spent hours on this, so it is time to stop. I wish I could provide more resources from women who are leading this movement to share these kinds of resources, but I haven’t found many so far. Will you suggest some for me? I know Rachel Held is one person.

I hope you will browse my blog. You might find some other interesting resources. Let me know if this was helpful–I would love to hear from you!





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