How to get out of the Matrix aka Rat Race

I rarely have unexpected visitors. Since I am house sitting for some friends, (I’m looking for another house sitting job Dec. 26)  a mutual friend and his two children stopped by to visit the owners of the house. Since they weren’t here, it seemed like they were going to leave.

We chatted for a moment, and I found out that he and his wife just started homeschooling their children. Since I am passionate about homeschooling and unschooling, I invited them inside to hear their story and share some of mine. We had a delightful visit. I promised him I would write a blog post and share with him some of the resources I told him about. So here it is! (I try to keep my commitments. That is very important to me.)

I enjoyed the visit so much because both kids and their father interacted  with me in ways that I could tell we were kindred spirits. His kids were so present and thoughtful in their participation in the conversation. I love them!  Here are the things that I want this very dedicated father to know so that he could unplug from the matrix, live a simple life with his family, and serve humanity by sharing his experiences. I told him that I predicted he would be sharing about how gave him the information that would help him unplug from the matrix within a few months. We shall see.

An interview on the Alex Jones Info Wars with George Humphrey who spoke about How to Unplug from the Matrix. Powerful interview.

This is another interview with Alex Jones and George Humphrey about the same topic. He and Alex emphasized that they believe in non-violent resistance, but also believe in self-defense. Here are some steps that George suggested for unplugging from the Matrix.

  • Get the information about what is actually happening in the world. Read this powerful article documenting  why you can’t trust mainstream media. Even the Dalai Lama is saying we are all brainwashed in this article.
  • Take care of your body. eat organic, get exercise,  GMO free, be outside and have fun with people who love you. (of course, I recommend being a vegan)
  • Whatever your spiritual practice, deepen it. (I recommend meditation. Check out the centering prayer on this link for simple training on how to meditate no matter what your faith, or lack of faith.)
  • Start understanding that this is not just a political or economic issue–it is a change of consciousness. Our planet is getting more electromagnetic frequency the vibrations are changing, and we have the opportunity to change our consciousness.

When Josh Becker and his family started the journey of minimalism, Josh decided to journal in a blog about his experience. He was surprised at how many people wanted to learn about minimalism. Josh is now a professional writer and speaker, spreading the news about minimalism in a wonderful way.

Here is an article from some of the more famous minimalists, two young men who were climbing the corporate ladder and realized that it was leading nowhere.

Hugelkulture is one of the easiest, most effective ways to garden. Having great, productive gardens and using all the carbon on your land like rotting wood, leaves, grass clippings right in the garden.

I unschooled my kids. Here is an assortment of unschooling websites. If unschooling is too radical, check out homeschooling.

His kids want to move to the country. Here is an article about how nature is good for children. 

I encouraged him to journal about doing things like homeschooling, living simply, moving to the country. People, especially parents, love to read about families simplifying their lives because they are yearning to do that. People are also getting fed up with how the schools are doing things like feeding them so much food and junk food. I definitely would support his blog. Here are 101 ways to monetize your blog.

How often do kids bring up the topic of parallel worlds? One of his children mentioned this concept so I thought I would look up scientific proof for this theory.

Each person who unplugs from the matrix makes a huge difference. Read about the 100th Monkey Effect and be inspired about why it is important for each person to change your lifestyle. If you have a lot of friends, there will be a ripple effect.

I thought his kids were so smart, they must be old souls. I believe in reincarnation. Here is a scientific study on reincarnation that is pretty impressive.

We did not discuss this topic, but I thought I would throw this in the mix since this topic came up with another friend. Do we create our own reality?  Yes and no, says this article.

“Trinity” from the movie The Matrix talks about how bad technology is for children and how it seems like we really are living in a matrix.

Well, I feel very grateful to my friend for stopping by with his children, even if he didn’t come to visit me…or did he? We agree that this just might have been a kind of divine appointment that the matrix definitely was not controlling!






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