Are You a World Changer?

Are you yearning to help change the world in a big way? I have wanted to do that since I was 21, and wanted to run for president. That was 40 years ago! I chose to change my world in a small way–by working with Cliff Mikkelson and Robert Kersbergen to raise our children, Christopher Mikkelson and Mahriyanna Kersbergen I know that sounds like we have a group marriage, but my friends know what I mean!

I never wanted to have children because I thought they would stop me from changing the world in a big way. But my unwanted pregnancies resulted in me being a reluctant mother. My children taught me what was really important, including the fact that I needed to change myself in order to change the world.

Now that my children are adults, I have more time than I ever have had in my life. We are still close and are part of Wellspring Community But now I am ready to do what I can to play a bigger role in changing the world. That does not mean I am better than anyone else–I just happen to have a personality type that thinks on a large scale. I also have some skill sets–like being able to organize and see the big picture, and discern trends.

I am going to start studying what it takes to be a world changer. and I came across this article which helped me to start thinking about how I will move forward.

I pray that each one of you who reads this will think about what you are passionate about, and how you want to change the world for the better. Together we can help make this world a place where everyone can thrive.



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