Why Science Mike Should Become a Vegan

Science Mike is a very inspiring millennial guy who, along with musician Michael Gungor, are doing an awesome, amazing job of building a bridge that  atheists and others who are disillusioned with the Christian faith can walk on in order to explore following Jesus. You can find their podcast here.

I heard Science Mike say something like, “I should be a vegan.” I was very interested in that statement, because one of the first podcasts I listened to he was talking about how wonderful cheese burgers were. I also know he has asked listeners to help him stay away from Pizza Hut. I think he is evolving.

I know that he has a huge, compassionate heart, and also that he is ultra scientific.  I am hoping he will watch this very short video about how animals are treated so cruelly in order to bring folks meat, fish, eggs and dairy..

When my daughter and I were offered $1 to watch this movie last summer when we were checking out the sights outside the Comicon convention in San Diego, I immediately stopped eating animal products of any kind, except for honey. I had already been a vegetarian, bordering on vegan,  for over 42 years. But after seeing the graphic details of this gruesome video (yes, it will take some guts to watch)  I was ready to go totally vegan.

I did well for about 6 months, but then the images in my brain faded and I was able to block out the horrific pain that even dairy animals and chickens raised for eggs experience. Since I watched the video, I simply can’t add to the suffering of these friendly, intelligent, helpless, and sensitive animals who do absolutely nothing to deserve their fate.

Even if Science Mike doesn’t become a vegan, I hope at very least The Liturgists will interview someone like Maggie Olsen who wrote this great article in Today’s Christian Woman.

Or, they could interview me! I’m available.

I am happy to say that my son, former husband Cliff, and now my other former husband Robert, are mostly vegan. My daughter is an omnivore right now, but maybe watching this video will put her over the edge–she has such a compassionate heart. I hope we can all commit to being fully vegan Wellspring Community.

Well, I know Science Mike and Michael Gungor probably have a list as long as the state of California of topics that their thousands (or is it millions?) of listeners want them to cover. But I hope that they will put the topic of veganism on the top. If more Christians became vegan, that would draw the attention of a lot of people who are practicing a very Christian principle of being good stewards over the animals, but do not call themselves Christian. This could widen the bridge a lot! Plus, it would can offer 57 health benefits  and help stop global warming.

Be a good example, Science Mike–I bet Michael Gungor (if he is not already a vegan) will follow suit. And thousands of others. Just think how many animals will be saved, how you will live longer to tell your story, be a parent, and learn more about science. Thanks for reading this everyone. Share your stories about how your diet impacts life.




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