It was there that perhaps the most profound revelation in my life occurred. Out of nowhere, just sitting on the plane, I sense the words, “The only way you will be happy is to serve, and serve in ways that bring joy to you.” At that time the books “Do What You Love , The Money Will Follow,” or “The Purpose Driven Life” had not been written. I had never in my church upbringing heard of the concept of spiritual gifts, and how they could be used joyfully for service. I still didn’t know what my gifts were. I liked to sing, but really hadn’t done much of that when I left the church at age 16. I liked to write, but I didn’t think I had much talent. I liked to meet new people and see new things, but certainly that didn’t seem like much of a gift. Yet the God I didn’t believe in, but was starting to open myself up to, revealed this beautiful truth to me when I was only 20 years old.



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