A Model of Church That is Working: The Meeting House

Bruxy Cavey is one of my favorite pastors. The Meeting House, the church he is part of, has a structure that is the best I have seen. A mega church made up of regional sites and the core is the smaller house churches. Here is a description of the structure:http://www.themeetinghouse.com/our-model/

Here is the core of the structure:

“But all this is just part of the picture. Our real focus (our hidden agenda) is on what we call Home Church. These are small groups that meet in individual homes each week to talk, become friends and to reach out to their local communities. This is the core of who we are because we feel that only when people connect relationally with people, discuss ideas, serve together, and learn to get along, that they truly function spiritually as God intended. We feel that if there is any one thing a person should focus on, it’s this — even at the expense of our Sunday morning services.”

Why Home Church?


Here are some more facts:


What to expect:


How to start a long distance home church


Here is a Facebook page for people who want to have long distance home churches


House Churches are encouraged to reach out to the local community. Here’s how:


Here is a sample of a Home Church outline which is offered each week with the sermon

Home Church Questions…

HANGOUT [Warming Up To The Topic]

1. If your Home Church wasn’t meeting regularly over the summer, this

might be a good time to reflect back on the summer series – what

challenged you most about being an “Ordinary Radical”?

2. What are you most/least looking forward to about this new series?

3. What difference might it make if you thought of yourself as an apprentice

or pupil of Jesus rather than simply a “Christian”?

4. Who is influencing you the most in your apprenticeship to Jesus? Who

are you influencing?

HEAR [Listening to God through Scripture]

5. Read the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20, in more than one

translation if possible.

a) What word or idea stands out to you the most about this passage?

b) Was there something in Sunday’s teaching that was a new thought

for you?

c) Was there something in Sunday’s teaching that raised a question for


d) How does this passage compare with the earlier commission Jesus

gave his disciples in Acts 10:5-8? What does this earlier, limited

commission tell us about our message, our method, and our motive?

HUDDLE [Making It Personal and Praying Together]

6. On a scale of 1-10, over the past few months how actively involved have

you been in

a) your own growth as a disciple of Jesus?

b) helping others grow as disciples?

c) helping non-believers become disciples?

7. What is holding you back the most from becoming a more mature

disciple and helping make other disciples?

This pdf is offered each Sunday with each sermon:



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