A Study Guide to Sacrilege: An Inspiring Book on How to Be a Jesus Apprentice

Just looking through these questions gave me a lot of food for thought and helped me to connect with Jesus true purpose.


Here is an excerpt of the book


A great book to help youth groups be more mission-minded and gospel-centered


Chapters include:

Chapters include:

Rethinking Youth Ministry
The Foundations of Missional Youth Ministry
What is Missional Youth Ministry?
Building Real Relationships
Puposeful Planning
Why You Don’t Need Volunteers
The End of Educational Ministry
Worship That Connects
Creating a Missional Youth Ministry

Here is an inspiring excerpt:


Why I have so many posts about pro-life topics

I went through a phase where I sincerely believed that helping to abolish abortion was my life’s purpose. But now I realize that my passion was for a season. I put about 200 blog posts about the topic of abortion on this site. I now realize that was a mistake since this is my personal website.

So I went through and deleted about three fourths of the posts, and kept the ones that I thought were most interesting and positive. I am ready to start posting other topics now!

I am returning to my passion of creating community, and permaculture design will be an integral part of that. I also recently joined the Genesis Church in South Fayetteville, and I am excited about what is going on there. I can’t wait to start writing more about that experience.