Hopeful News: United Methodist Denomination is Becoming Increasingly Pro-life

I feel relieved and happy that UMC is returning to traditional Christian roots. This is an inspiring article.  Pray for those who are so committed to their pro-choice stance that they are willing to be deceptive–something that you will read about in this fascinating article.


My hope is that other denominations  like the Presbyterian (USA) will follow suit.

How a Vegan Activist Group Inspires People To Change Their Thinking

A video similar to this video can be shown to multiple people at once. People can be offered a dollar to watch. Perhaps we can find a short video on abortion that will help people realize the gravity of the situation. I love this method because when I saw this video, I was leaning towards being a vegan, but after I watched it, I became a committed vegan. This is powerful. And it is amazing how easy it is to just offer a dollar to people and how much that entices them!


The volunteers seemed to know some dialogue skills. Since I agreed with them, I did not get to experience that aspect. but I think if there were enough people available to dialogue with every person who watched a powerful pro-life video, that would be great.