Inspiring Story of How a Church is Leading the Way–to Create a Culture of Life

What a powerful idea. A movie telling the story about how a church partnered with a troubled high school resulting in transformation on all levels. I know that preventing teen pregnancies and thus abortion can effectively be a part of this project. Pro-life people need to partner together with those who are trying to help–not judge those who  are not so concerned about abortion.

The trailer is powerful–I shed some tears. The idea is powerful. Churches partnering with schools. Yes!

How to Preach a Good Sermon

What does this have to do with pro-life activities? If you get a chance to preach, you can use a pro-life message. Or maybe you are going to give a speech to a Christian audience. These tips can help.

I have been asked to give a sermon to some young people in Pakistan via Skype. I will definitely be thinking about a pro-life message.  I am going to do some research to see if there is a problem with abortion in Pakistan. See-you never know what might come up. Be open!