“I’m Pro-Life, But…” A Fantastic Speech by Josh Brahm to Students for Life and More Resources For Effective Pro-Life Dialogue

The first time I listened to this speech, I was inspired and uplifted. I started using his approach immediately in my conversations about abortion with great results. The second time I listened, I realized I wanted to memorize this speech. Packed within about thirty minutes of heartfelt, intelligent sharing is just about everything I need to know in order to dialogue and make friends with people who think differently than me about abortion.

I highly recommend that you also check out the podcasts he used to do called Life Report. You will need to scroll down to older podcasts to view Josh because he has left this job with Right to Life of Central California to start his own non-profit with his brother, Tim.  These podcasts offer you a great education about what is going in in the pro-life movement.  Their non-profit is called Equal Rights Institute, and that is a great website to visit for cutting edge training on how to successfully dialogue and make friends with people who disagree with your views on abortion.

I want to ask, “Where has Josh been all my life?” because I resonate so much with what he passionately teaches and practices.  I discovered his podcasts when I was researching for materials to study when Chris and I were asked by pro-choice journalist, Richard Drake, to be on an interview with him. The conversation was supposed to be about 40 Days for Life, but of course the topic turned to abortion. You can watch this interview here.  Chris and I are not too excited about the way we responded.  But we both hope to look back to this interview and say, “Wow, we have come a long way!”  Our strength in this interview is that we were both calm and loving–so that is good! http://new.livestream.com/accounts/5381142/events/2395044/videos/78114868/player?autoPlay=false&height=360&mute=false&width=640




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