Chris and Patricia are Interviewed by Pro-Life Journalist Richard Drake About 40 Days for Life

I think Richard wanted to interview me because he interviewed me 15 years ago in 2000 on the day that Mary Lightheart climbed the tree which resulted in a 33 day tree sit in Fayetteville, drawing non-stop media attention for that time.  I was the one who instigated the civil disobedience after hundreds of other people and I did  everything in our power to inspire and motivate the government to make the right decision–to uphold our new tree ordinance.  So when I approached Richard with a simple question, “How can we get some media attention for 40 Days for Life,” he invited me and one other person to be on his show.

When Chris and I watched the recording of this interview, we felt a bit embarrassed. Yes, we had a good moments of intelligent response and even a sense of connection with Richard.  Yes, we were calm and respectful. But no, we did not answer the questions as intelligently and clearly as we would have liked. The good news is that this experience first inspired me to look for pro-life podcasts so that Chris could down load them and listen easily. I found the Pro-life Podcast

So with no further ado, I present to you the unedited show where Chris and I converse with Richard Drake about 40 Days for Life, Planned Parenthood, abortion, and other related topics. If anyone wants to help edit this so it is shorter and more entertaining, I would much appreciate it.

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