Justification for Using Medical Abortion from Religioustolerance.org

I appreciate that this article was not trying to demonize pro-life people and tried to justify the benefits of the RU-486 abortion pill. But I think their arguments were weak.  One benefit cited was that women could more easily have an abortion, even in rural clinics. I am guessing this was referring to the possibility of women using  Telemed Abortion method, which has been banned in Arkansas and an increasing number of states.  Reading the opinions of pro-choice people can better help pro-life people to understand where they are coming from, and thus have a better dialogue.


Abortion Industry Pushes for RU 486 Abortion Pill Because Younger Babies Are Easier to Kill

With the onset of increasing scientific evidence that life begins at conception, increasing numbers of women decide to keep their babies when they see the sonogram. Thus, the solution for some people in the abortion industry is to try to dehumanize younger babies in the womb.  Dehumanization is the easiest way anyone can rationalize having an abortion. This article from Life News does a great job of explaining how medical abortions are being marketed, and the tragic consequences.