Fayetteville Free Weekly Runs Article About 40 Days for Life and Highway Department

Abortion Protestors Flagged By Highway Agency


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Notice the  quote by my daughter, Mahriyanna:

“The saddest part for me was not being able to display our signs giving women different options to abortion,” said Mahriyanna Kersbergen, a 40 Days for Life participant.

I really appreciate how Nick Brothers covered this story.  He did not just paint a picture of us being only protestors.  We were fortunate to be there when he came for a picture, and ladies from St. Joseph’s were doing their rosary.

He is a 23 year old graduate from University of Arkansas who was formerly the editor of the U of A paper, the Traveler. I had noticed a positive change in the Fayetteville Free Weekly, but I did not know a new editor had been hired.  I appreciate  the many wholesome, and community-building articles that reflect a wide variety of interests that citizens of Fayetteville have.


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