Letter to Editor: Thanks To All Who Helped 40 Days for Life to Uphold Their Constitutional Rights

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This letter was sent in on Monday, March 2, 2015
Dear Editor of Arkansas Democrat Gazette,
I want to thank the Thomas Moore Society in Chicago for helping the local 40 Days for Life to retain their constitutional right to hold signs in the public right of way in front of Planned Parenthood Health Clinic on Highway 265 near Joyce.  I have been a part of this group for the past four years, and I appreciate all that they do to help raise awareness about the tragic consequences of abortion on the unborn, the mothers, the fathers, and society in general.
 I also want to thank the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and writer Doug Thompson for immediately publishing a front page story about the situation and then following up with another article which tried to get to the heart of the problem.   Bringing attention to a problem of people losing their First Amendment rights is so important in order to maintain a free society. Mayor Lioneld Jordan also moved quickly at my request to investigate the situation, and I was relieved to find that our Police Department supports our freedom as they have for the past seven years 40 Days for Life has been participating in pro-life efforts here.
I’m glad that we live in a free country where people agree that our right to free speech is so important.  Though we may disagree on the issue of whether or not abortion kills a human being, we can agree that all should be able to express their views unimpeded. I feel grateful that the Highway Department realized the error of their ways and has withdrawn their demand that we not hold signs where we  pray and stand in peaceful witness to the fact that abortions take place here in our fair city.