Mahriyanna’s Letter to the Editor of ADG

pregnant-need-help-2x3-to-sendI am so excited. I suggested that Mahriyanna write a letter, and this is what she came up with including mention of the above sign:

Dear Editor,

When I think about how the prayerful, peaceful, pro-life group, I volunteer through, 40 Days for Life, is being prohibited from displaying signs in any way, it saddens my heart. Why does this affect me so deeply? Well, because, whenever I stand vigil in front of Planned Parenthood, one of the major pulls on my heart is to offer women and their unborn babies care and support. However my ability to do this has been greatly inhibited.

You see, now, I can no longer easily offer women—women who may be considering abortion—other options, because I am prohibited from displaying one of my group’s signs, part of which reads,  “Pregnant? Need Help? Txt: ‘Pregnant’ to 313131,” whose contact information leads to free alternatives to abortion such as the support for adoption and parenting that Loving Choices Pregnancy Center offers.

I feel that the removal of my right to hold our group’s sign offering this form of support  also means the removal of a woman’s opportunity to be thoroughly and objectively presented with options other then abortion, especially considering the fact that Planned Parenthood benefits financially ($660) every time a woman chooses abortion there. You see, my heart is saddened because, the consequences of my fellow volunteers and I no longer being able to hold signs reach beyond ourselves or our group.



Mahriyanna Kersbergen


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