Abby Johnson and Shawn Carney Inspire Young People at Fayetteville Rally

These are fun memories for my children and I. I feel grateful for our connection with Abby. I just wrote her a few days ago asking for help with our campaign. She wrote back saying, “Of course I remember you guys!” and was willing to help us out. She is my heroine!

40 Days for Life, Fayetteville Arkansas

By Mahriyanna Kersbergen, Patricia Mikkelson’s daughter.  Fall, 2010

Fun Fellowship and Service went to 40 Days for Life kick off rally for the Fall 2010 campaign and it was really amazing! We added thirteen people through the FFS outreach. Thanks to all who came!

Just being in front of Planned Parenthood singing worship songs, and listening to the pro-life speakers was an experience I will never forget. Abby Johnson, one of the main speakers, gave an awe-inspiring testimony about her transformation from Planned Parenthood director, to 40 Days for Life enthusiast.

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