My vision of my whole life career


I now have a number of coaches, counselors and business partners who are willing to help me with my projects.  This all happened over the past year. I am so grateful to them. If you are reading this, you are one of them, and to you I say, “Your contribution to me is invaluable.  I see so clearly your unsurpassable worth. I respect you. I trust you, and I look forward to seeing what unfolds in the future in our deepening friendship as we do that which God wants us to do–support each other in our life-giving goals that help make our lives, and the lives of all of our relations (the whole world!) better and better.  I believe we are all co-creating the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven as we encourage each other by using our unique gifts and resources and experience!  I love you!”

So here is my future vision which is my way of praying and co-creating with our beautiful beloved Creator those things that I see as my role to play in helping to create a planet where every one and everything thrives.  Your feedback and comments will be taken in to account and cherished.  If there is anything in here that is not for the highest good, I let it go.  I surrender my will to Creator God.

The future…in present tense…prayer: one year from now: Dec. 6, 2015 (or sooner)

First of all, I would not be writing this if not for a wonderful team of people comprised of my Wellspring Community and the great people I have met in San Diego, folks in Fayetteville and around the country and even the world who I have connected with. I feel so grateful that we have together created a collective of coaches so that even those who did not consider themselves coaches could see their role.

Coaching collective

Sky and I were able to figure out that our role in facilitating a coaching collective was to help people who didn’t consider themselves coaches–to see that they were.  We realized that people with very specific experiences–like Maggie who has had 20 years experience in using essential oils, or Benetha, who has had a lot of experience dealing with cancer–are natural coaches because they know how to direct their clients through very specific situations.

We taught basic coaching skills, creating a simple outline to help the coaches mainly assess the clients’ needs in an orderly way, and to help them stay on track, set goals, use a simple organizing system.  But many of our coaches just needed a little guidance so that they could be more effective in sharing their expertise.  Life coaches are supposed to help clients identify their needs and goals and can use many skills to help them.  But at some point, life coaches then can refer their clients who have specific needs–like, for example, adopting a multi-racial child, or dealing with a dying friend or parent–to a coach who is an expert in that area.  That does include my services–simplified living as well.

Our team coaching approach has been wildly successful, and people’s lives are being changed in beautiful ways. The people we work with are really ready to make quantum leaps in their lives, and the saying, “A word to the wise is sufficient” is very appropriate with them. We are working with each other as coaches as well, trading our services so that we all can get our needs met. This has been phenomenal–having access to resources like this. We, as coaches, are making quantum leaps as well in all areas including financial.

Part of our team coaching includes training in Nonviolent Communication as taught by Marshall Rosenberg.  We train coaches to use the model to help clients get to the core of their problems using empathic listening.  Since some of our coaches are focused on NVC, including myself, we offer classes to coaching clients. Thus, coaches can refer their clients to NVC and other classes so that they can move forward in a group setting as well as one on one coaching.

Sometimes clients even have a group of coaches all at once help them brainstorm and focus on a big problem.  The response to this technique has been so encouraging. People say that in one hour they got more clear on what they needed to do–then in thousands of hours of one on one coaching, master mind groups, counseling, and other helpful things.

doTerra Essential Oils

All of the coaches are now using the Doterra essential oils and other products because they work!  When a client has trouble with focus, it is easy for the coach to suggest the Focus blend. If they are depressed, they can suggest the joyful blend.  If the problem is too complex, they can refer the client to an essential oils health coach.

The oils are helping our clients and coaches be healthier in body, mind and spirit so that they can go forward on their goals more effectively.  doTerra’s goal of reinventing health care is something that we all agree is important, and so we are thriving with the oils!  Some of the clients and coaches have decided that sharing doTerra is another stream of income–or perhaps their main income.  This is helping everyone with their financial health which is so important for clients and coaches alike.

Nonviolent Communication Training

Sky and I are so excited that our training and the blog have been met with such great response. With my experience of 25 years, including raising both of my children using the NVC model as one of my helpful guides, and Sky’s amazing experience as well–we have been able to put together classes to fit just about everyone’s needs.  We find that by tailoring the webinars and conference calls to focus on a specific topic, including coaching, parenting, couples, communities, business and churches, people who take our classes are more able to apply the principles.  Once they get it in one area, they can extend the skills to all aspects of their lives.

We have a special class that has really been successful, and that is offering “self empathy”.  This has helped people tremendously in being compassionate with themselves and thus have more capacity to be compassionate with others. This is a foundational skill that makes our communication with others so much more effective because people learn to share from their heart, with openness and love. Then, even if the words shared are not just right–the intention shines through. We have hear miraculous stories of forgiveness and reconciliation just from people who have only taken this class!

Our online presence

Sky and I have worked hard to create a website and blog similar to www.  This has been a great way to introduce all of our coaches to potential clients as well as to inspire people to join our membership site. I found this as a model of what we look forward to facilitating.

We have so much useful content on our website that millions of people are visiting, and lives are of course being transformed just by what we share on the website. We also have identified the very best books, products, and other supplemental information for people to buy so that we can support the other folks who are doing similar work as well as increase our prosperity.


With all the income pouring in as well as the great energy of all the coaches and clients and readers that has been generated, it has been easy for us to create a retreat and training center at Living Springs, near Kingston, AR on our Wellspring Community Land Trust.  We have found people who also just want to live at Living Springs, and who want to create Christ-centered ministries on the land near WCLT.

Our retreat and training center is comprised of people of all different faiths, but since the people who bought the 500 acres which they call Living Springs have a vision of people living together and following Jesus–we have encouraged our Jesus-following friends to move to this neck of the woods. But others with different beliefs are buying land near by because the land is so inexpensive, the area so beautiful, and the people are so friendly.

It is so great to take our on-line presence and do in person classes and retreats. The air strip which is just across the way from WCLT is perfect so that our coaches can easily fly in from all over the country to facilitate workshops.  It is amazing how many people love being way out in the country, and it blesses the teachers as well as the students.

I am so glad that my entire family–my two former husbands and our two children–who are Wellspring Community–now live on the part of the WCLT that is not the training center, and that part of the community is growing also with especially younger Jesus followers who have great affinity with my children.

Downsize Fast–the book and the movement

I am thrilled to report that after doing a pre-launch marketing move of working with  Kickstarter , we raised $10,000 so I could go on retreat and finish the book, get some people trying the book out and getting feedback, paying an editor to get it just right, and paying someone to get the book formatted for eBook and hard copy.

We really have started a movement with our Downsize Fast 3 week mastermind group where people join together and take the steps needed to quickly minimalize their possessions and simplify their lives.  People all over the world have also given away or sold so many possessions that millions have been given away, mostly as seed money for other social entrepreneurs who are struggling to get off the ground. we are also paying our coaches so that they can coach for free. The non-profit foundation we created in order to maximally use the funds that people want to donate when they downsize has been so effective in helping people who otherwise would not be able to fulfill their destiny.

With more and more people living simply and minimally, being freed up to live out their life’s purpose–there is more of a market for our coaches, membership site and all the products we sell.


Well, can you see that this has been a busy year! I am happy to report that I have been very balanced during this time–taking care of my health, nurturing my community, and integrating my spiritual life into all of what I do. I know Jesus has helped me through all of this, and continuing to practice the Immanuel Prayer has been the best thing I could ever do to overcome any blocks that have come up.  I feel so grateful to Creator God because he looks like Jesus–one that was willing to love his enemies even while they put him through excruciating pain, and demonstrate the power of non-violent resistance which I believe will be the only way of overcoming the very tragic actions that deeply hurting people do out of their pain.  I believe that he has given me this inspiration, and I am so happy that 14 years ago I surrendered my life to him and that I continue to walk this path.










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