my vision of a community in Fayetteville

After having successful experiences living with other people in what I would call “semi-community” situations in San Diego, I feel more confident that I could organize an urban community here in Fayetteville with the goal of having a sister community on our Wellspring Community land.  Here I go…into the future…imagining and praying about what could be.

I am so happy to share with you how the Wellspring House came into being. We are an urban community in Fayetteville, with our primary values as follows:

We either follow Jesus and consider him to be our Lord and Savior or

We respect and honor this path, and are open to learning more about following Jesus and wholeheartedly following our own path– respected and honored by Jesus followers.

We see people as beings equally loved by our Creator, and do our best to treat them as such, beings of unsurpassable worth, seeing them through the eyes of a compassionate and wise Jesus.

We live according to principles of the Life Model:

  • We want to be as alive as possible at every age and stage of life.
  • We want to be a source of life and belonging for the people around us.
  • We want to support and be supported by living networks: internally, in our relationships, in our work and in our play.
  • We want our spiritual life to be connected to God and others so that we are filled with peace and joy.
  • We want to restore the relational and spiritual skills that are being lost to trauma and accelerated social changes.


We practice spiritual formation together including prayer, singing songs to God, fasting, journaling, and reading scripture.

We support each other in praying unceasingly, finding ever increasing ways to connect with God so that we have unbroken connection, while staying connected to each other.

We communicate using models such as Non-violent communication so that we increase our connection and love for each other.

We create an environment where optimum health can be attained, helping each other in such areas as getting adequate sleep, boosting our immune system in every way, getting exercise, doing yoga and stretching, and inspiring each other to stay in gratitude for every

We primarily eat a plant-based diet. People who wish to eat animal products are welcome to do so off of the property, but we are supporting those of us who want to eat what is also known as the world peace diet so that we can contribute to the well being of all living creatures on the planet.

We eat as much locally grown food as possible.

We contribute to the well being of our neighbors, looking out for what they are needing, and hosting community gatherings at our home where people can help each other fulfill each others needs and networks.

We help each other with right livelihood, including team organizing where we go into people’s homes and completely clear out and transform large spaces that are crammed full of stuff.

We encourage each other to be coaches of each other and of other people, developing right livelihoods in this area.

We identify and utilize our talents in order to contribute to the well-running of the community. Each person pays rent (unless somehow other arrangements can be made for trading) and does 8 hours a week to contribute to such things as food prep, cleaning, gardening, and facilitating meetings.

We have a house church that is based on the teachings of Bruxey Cavey and Greg Boyd and that is growing by leaps and bounds because both Jesus followers and spiritual people alike enjoy their interpretation of learning about the Bible through the lense of  a Jesus-looking God who died a sacrificial death on the cross.

We have a lot of fun together, playing things like ping pong, volley ball, the ungame, cooperative, team-building games and much more.

We are multi generational and enjoy having people of all ages in the community.

We have a huge garden and are able to sell some food, as well as cut way down on our food bills through year round growing.

We are open to any modality that is in harmony with Jesus teachings to help each other heal our childhood wounds and be all that God wants us to be. One method that is particularly useful in deepening our relationship with Jesus and healing childhood wounds as well as any painful memories is the


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