Mahiryanna’s hair cut…a minor miracle!

When Mahriyanna decided that she wanted to get her hair cut after we got back from our trip to California, she started looking for hair cutters. In the mean time, Robert gave me a coupon to Great Clips located on Martin Luther King Blvd. In spite of the fact that I had the same hair cutter for the past four years, I decided for various reasons to take the risk of having someone else cut my hair–plus the price was right at $8.99!  On my way to the salon, I prayed for a beautician who would be a good listener, a Jesus follower, and a great hair cutter! 

  I feel grateful to have a nineteen year old girl, Taliya,as my hair cutter.  Not only were all of the above prayers answered, but she was also so positive, cheerful, and encouraging!  I left with a great hair cut which was perfect for a picture I needed to take for an on line flyer I am using to promote myself in San Diego where I am going to be working.

Mahriyanna was so impressed by my hair cut that she felt inspired to have Taliya cut her hair. We happened to have time on Sunday, Aug. 24, the day after my birthday. She wanted to spend time with me to celebrate my birthday since we didn’t have so much time the day before, and after a lovely time of connecting all morning into the early afternoon, she felt compelled to get her hair cut.  I was all for it, and we called Great Clips to see if Taliya was available. 

We found out that she was going to be leaving in a few hours, and that she was not going to be cutting hair all week because she was going to school to learn how to start her own beauty shop. Just before I called, I had done research with Mahriyanna’s statement that she wanted to donate her hair to a good cause. I found Locks of Love, and we learned how to make sure that when her hair was cut it would be in such a way that it could be donated.

When we got to Great Clips, Taliya was finishing up an interesting hair cut with a young man.  I introduced her to Mahriyanna, and immediately they started talking and connecting.  Taliya was advised by an associate how to divide her hair into four pony tails to make sure that the donation of hair could be optimally used.  So we were very glad we had done our research!  The pony tails were carefully placed in to a plastic baggie so we could send it away and bless a child who had lost his or hair due to chemotherapy treatment of cancer.

So all the was cut off in order that the 10 inches that were required could be supplied, and there was no going back! As Taliya skillfully and intuitively snipped away, lively conversation ensued.  I chose to be on a phone call to help a friend work through a problem, but I was able to watch and be present during the process. When they were finished, Taliya very kindly asked me if I approved, and I felt delighted that she would want my feedback. I loved it, and so did Mahriyanna. 

I know that Mahriyanna and I will continue to get haircuts with Taliya, and will do everything I can to promote her and support her in realizing her dreams of having her own shop.  I have a strong feeling she will be part of our circle of love in some way. She seems like a kindred spirit in so many ways, including her love for Jesus!

Now Mahriyanna is enjoying the freedom of short hair, and I am getting unexpected indirect compliments like, “Mahriyanna,  you look like your mom!”  I feel overjoyed that we are both experiencing the simplicity of short hair together. And the experience of all of the above miracles that our good and loving God helped facilitate.  I think Holy Spirit was speaking, and we were able to listen. Thank you, Father!




One thought on “Mahiryanna’s hair cut…a minor miracle!

  1. Patricia, this is a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it. I work at Great Clips, and want you to know that I’ll make sure Taliya knows how much we appreciate her. Also, a big “thank you” to your daughter for her generous hair donation. If you need anything, I’m aaron.grote[at] Thanks!

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