Aware parenting…Learning Nonviolent communication helped me to do this

I feel grateful when I read about methods of parenting that resonate with how I raised my children.  Learning Nonviolent Communication while my son, Chris, was in my womb, inspired me to use most of these guidelines which help babies release their distress and learn from the time they are born that feelings are okay.  This article is great.  Here is a paragraph I really liked:

Aware Parenting is very different from controlled crying or crying-it-out, where parents aim to stop their baby crying by leaving her to cry alone.  Solter suggests that crying alone is a terrifying experience for a baby, which leads to a loss of trust.  She repeatedly states that babies should never be left alone to cry.  If a baby is left to cry, she may develop thumb sucking, spacing out, or over-attachment to a blanket or stuffed animal to help her numb her distressed feelings”.



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