I’m a simplified living coach! I finally found what I want to do now that I’ve grown up:)

With simple living and minimalism all the rage these days, it is about time that we who have had experience in these areas start to help those who have not–but want to learn–transform their lives.  I decided that I am more than a professional organizer–I am a simplified living coach. Learn more at my web page http://www.simplifiedlivingcoach.com

Here are the things you will learn as I support you on your journey:

  • Sorting techniques that are FAST and easy
  • De-cluttering methods that are efficient
  • Goal setting, project,  and time management
  • Nonviolent Communication–we’ll be practicing it all the time:)
  • Simple stretching and exercises to keep us awake and focused!
  • Basic healthy  practices including  expressing appreciation, dry brushing, standing on the earth, hand and foot massage, ,journaling drinking water, imaginative prayer and laughing a lot!
  • How to have fun in simple ways
  • Learning to live with less
  • How to decide what is really important and necessary
  • Developing a life plan to look towards so that when you have more time you can move on those things that are important to you!
  • Dealing with difficult emotions in constructive ways

Here is the experience along with skills I have developed so that I can support you in a variety of ways–from offering empathy to preparing healthy food to being super efficient in the letting go process:

  • Simple living practitioner: 40 years
  • Professional organizer with a focus on downsizing: 15 years.
  • Project planner and implementer: 44 years
  • Vegetarian (now mostly raw plant based vegan) 40 years
  • Follower of the non-violent Jesus and his teachings of loving God and people: 13 years
  • Homeschooling, grace-based parenting mom (now with one child entering the masters program at University of Arkansas):  25 years
  • Gardener: 40 years
  • Nonviolent Communication practitioner: 25 years
  • Musician, singer, harmonizer: 52 years

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