Want ads posted at the Help Fayetteville Thrive-Mini-conference

One of the great things about the Help Fayetteville Thrive Mini-conference is that there is a lot going on in a short amount of time for maximum connections to be made.  In our meet and greet time as people come in, they have the option of posting want ads for people to look over.   Here is what was listed at the recent Dec. 14 mini-conference at the Iceberg Co-working space.

Want ads:

Life Source International:

Sponsors for Summer Care

Propane forklift

In kind donations


Alexander Ross:  Catholic Worker House/Dignity Village and Trinity Methodist Church


Land for a Protestant Catholic Worker Farm and/or House

Cargo Pods

Used Tires for building earth ships

TriCycle Farms


Hardware wire for chicken coop/run

Farm Truck/Trailer

Cedar posts 10-12′ x 20

Wood pallets

Summer volunteers

Patricia Mikkelson, I Luv Fayetteville and Simplified Living Organizing Services

Intern to serve as administrative assistant and/or virtual assistant

Someone to help with making presentations including making a video out of pictures of my intentional Christian Communities tour

Someone to help repair a printer.




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