Updates from Fayetteville Dignity Village project 12-14-13

From Michael Brown:  AI  recently received  an email sharing some  good  ideas.   One,  not  necessarily good,  was  a suggestion  that  I  would  be considered the  coordinator of  the  Dignity  Village  project.  If  that  is so,  “God  help  us all”  and  whatever  role I am  part  of  l will desperately need  the  guidance  of all.  Let’s  all  have  the  faith that  we will be  led by  the Spirit

Great awesome  news about  my brother James “Ralph ” whom is so on board  Dignity Village.  He   is  actually overboard. He feels inspired  to  bless  and  bring  on  board all  the  homeless alcoholics.  You  will  find  him  very easy to love.  


Michael Brown

From Patricia:  Michael is working tireless to connect with all kinds of people so that this project may become a reality.  We are so blessed to have him passionate about this and holding the torch for keeping the energy going. Pray for him if you believe in prayer:)


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