We are all pieces in the puzzle…and together we make sense

I came up with this analogy today.  With the view that everyone is of unsurpassable worth, that means we are all part of a beautiful picture we call Fayetteville.  I see myself as being part of a team that helps to put the puzzle pieces in the place that really fits well.  Every piece is important and essential.

I had this idea while I was cleaning someone’s home.  I told the couple, when they got home, that I was still there because I took a short break to write down my idea. I shared with them the analogy, which they liked.

“I’m thinking that I could find a beautiful picture and somehow photo shop it to look like a puzzle,”  I said.

My client said, “I can see using the mural that used to be at the old Fayetteville Library.”

I was touched that already he was thinking about my idea.  So I looked up the mural.  You can find it on this link:


In my next blog post, I will share another analogy I came up with.


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