I want to blog about all kinds of pertinent things

This will be the first of many blog posts that will publicize our featured organization, Compassion Fayetteville, and featured project, Simple Day.  Since I just love to blog, this will be fun.

I will be writing short intros and put links to great info.

I will also be posting on Facebook during the prime times on the Simplified Living facebook page which I will be creative very soon.

I plan to be very disciplined and targeted with my blogging as well as creating a team of bloggers who want to help to make this a dynamic blog telling people about all the great things happening in our beloved town.

There will also be original articles which could be edited by experts who know how to use key words and other SEO techniques including topics such as:

  • Other cities that we can learn from like the City of Dignity in Portland, OR
  • Compassion games outcome
  • 100 ways we can express our love for our city
  • 40 ideas to do random acts of kindness
  • progress on The Simple Day: Keeping the buzz constantly going about the progress–like new team members, the panel who is selecting the client, new businesses, etc. joining in, new team volunteers. Fun, fun fun!
  • Interesting little-known facts about Fayetteville’s history–like the Mary Lightheart Tree  Sit.

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