Moving forward with Patricia’s ministry of organizing

It was only a month ago that I shared with a networking group that I had dreams of leading a volunteer team comprised of Christians who would help quickly declutter some needy person’s home.  I had this idea about three months ago after doing a huge organizing job where I thought, “if I could have had help, this would have been so much more efficient.”  I envisioned a way of utilizing inexperienced help to do what I did, but did not write it down.

When I received a call from a lady in Florida who wanted help for her son and his wife in a town about two hours from Fayetteville,  we had an instant connection.  When I presented my idea of getting a volunteer team together who I would supervise, she jumped on it.  I started writing a detailed proposal, and within a week she had inspired her son and daughter-in-law to get on board, along with some church members who were willing to help.

I am now scheduled to do this job and be paid for it.  This is so beautiful because by doing one job, I can prove that this can be done.  My dream is that I will have a ministry that will help volunteers in churches be the hands and feet of Jesus for people with hoarding problems.  I thank God for answered prayer and for all the doors that are opening for this to happen.


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