Intentional Christian Community Handbook

This is a great review of a great book which I must purchase ASAP for my community building project.Here it is:

Thanks to Dan King, author of  THE UNLIKELY MISSIONARY: FROM PEW WARMER TO POVERTY FIGHTER, who seems to be very much on the same page as I am. I loved the review.

Here are some great quotes from the book

“A longing for deeper community is growing in our land. Many observant Christians have lamented that, despite the hype of worship and glitz of church building and programs, the lives of most American church members look very much like the rest of the world.”

“Our church scene is so different from the first centuries of the Jesus movement, which was notorious for its familial affection and sharing across class and ethnic lines, with a reputation for feeding the urban poor and supporting widows to serve the church…”

I feel so grateful to an acquaintance  who told me about this book. She has lived at Twin Oaks community for twenty years. I  met her when I visited Twin Oaks, which is one of the most successful and long-lived community in the United States.  What an amazing connection! I still have good memories of our time together over 13 years ago.


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