Getting ready to write my vision for community

It was about one week ago in early Nov. 2012 that I conceived the idea that it is time for me to totally focus on getting a community started on part my family’s 27 acres of land. I have been immersing myself in the teachings of scripture as taught by Bruxy Cavey, as well as a few other teachers.This inspired me to realized that my foundational spiritual belief is pacifism, and that this will be an essential value in the community I start. Another really important issue is to see the whole Bible through the lense of Jesus.

Now I am starting to immerse myself in community research again. This has been from the time I was about twenty my dream and focus of attention. Now is the time to combine the rich, deep, spiritual insights I have recently had with the vision of community.  All of this is based on a foundation of 38 years of study and experience both in the realm of spirituality and community.  The past eleven years have been focused on following Jesus. I surrendered my life to him and have been his disciple for that long.

I am going to write this vision as if it has already happen. I want to pray right now for the holy spirit to lead me.  “Father, I have been resisting this writing and I am scared to put down my thoughts for I have done this before and time and time again I have failed to manifest the community of my dreams.

But I am hoping that this time something different is happening. This vision is not mine, but yours. I am looking at your word, at the teachings of Jesus,and at the actions of the early church people. I am wanting so much to partner with you and to join with you in what you want to happen. This is so wonderful for me.

Please guide me with words that help portray a beautiful community based on your desires and your vision. Help me to just flow with words that inspire people and help them to see your heart.

Father, I believe that you have planted within me a passionate desire for living in and creating and promoting community. I have failed so miserably to manifest this vision. Help me to look to the future possibilities, and not focus on past failures.

I pray that the people who can join me and who want to help create this vision because they see it is your vision will read this and conversations, friendships, and eventually partnerships will unfold.  I pray that i will find people with same values, some of whom have the time, money, and talents to help this community quickly get off the ground.

Thank you for giving me the talent to write, the ability to type, the knowledge of WordPress, and the willingness to go out on a limb.

In your son’s precious name, Jesus, I pray. Amen


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