Bruderhof Communities–what can we learn from them

I am researching communities which have Anabaptist ties, and I came across this website which gathered information shared by former Bruderhof Community members.

You can find out information that the Bruderhof Communities want you to know about here

I wanted to find out how their community was structured and to find out if these communities were successful and worth learning from.

There are some wonderful aspects that these communities exhibit including taking care of the elderly and disabled among them, the family being the main people raising their own children, they strive to live in harmony with the environment.

But looking at the rigid rules that were clear on their website, I knew that the community structure I will be presenting will be much more flexible. No one can work outside the community. They have to work on the community business. Wow!  I would never want to limit people in that way.

This is my first attempt to start writing a description of what Wellspring Community will be like.  I thank God that I am finally starting!



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