My big problem with Bruxy Cavey

I know. It might seem like I am becoming fanatical about Bruxy Cavey.  But seriously, I have never experienced a person like him. I have only listened to about forty hours of his sermons and podcasts.  I did read every entry on his blog. I eagerly  read every paper he wrote on the Meeting House website. I even googled to see what negative things people are saying about him. I was glad to find that he doesn’t have, as far as I could see, any dirt on him.

So I am enjoying learning from him. I love his humour, clarity, intelligence, and his beautiful heart. Read all my blog posts about how much he is inspiring me and helping me to know without a doubt that God loves me and that I really can follow Jesus and reinforcing my strong and passionate belief that Christ-centered  community is essential in the disciple’s life.

So what is my problem? I am spending so much time listening, reading, and watching, that I am not getting enough sleep. I usually do my chores while experiencing Bruxy. Chores like preparing food, folding clothes, washing dishes, clearing clutter–those activities seem endless. And then I keep doing all this useful stuff–way past the time I should be in bed.

I need my sleep. I dislike waking up feeling tired and needing to push the snooze button 6 times before I am ready to get out of bed. I am willing to rush around at top speed in the morning preparing my green smoothie, feeding the chickens, cats and dog, brushing my teeth throwing on some clothes. Fortunately I live a super simple life, and right now my family is away on vacation, so I have a lot more time and I don’t bother anyone as I race around trying to break the world’s record in doing things most efficiently.

I look at it as preparation for that time that may occur when an emergency happens and I need to get ready fast.  I also see this as an opportunity to be more efficient and to simplify my life because every minute is precious to me.

But I am getting a bit weary of the pace. I am not getting enough sleep I think. I feel great.  But here is the problem. Bruxy is getting me more deeply in touch with my dream of living in a community where people are totally encouraging each other to live out the great commission and where we learn how to obey Jesus commands.  So when I work at jobs like cleaning, organizing, gardening–even though I love my clients and even like some of the work–I long to be doing what I believe god made me for.

Living in a thriving Christ-centered Community and helping others to the same.

Living simply so that others may simply live. Working alongside my children and my former husbands plus those who have joined us who share our basic values to be a community that people can be inspired by, and whom we can invite to various activities to share life with believers and non-believers.
Tomorrow night, I just know I will be ready to write my vision. Oh yes–that is another problem. I so enjoy listening to Bruxy’s sermons that I then postpone writing my vision of community. But I am getting the chores done, and that is important.  But tomorrow–tomorrow is the night. I am going to be praying that the Holy Spirit will guide me to write in a way that people can be very inspired and they can see clearly what I have in mind so they can decide if they might like to join me in a conversation about community.

Should I feel guilty about trying to lure people to this blog post by saying I have a problem with Bruxy Cavey?  Maybe I will even inspire Bruxy to read this–I’m sure he will be curious.  No, I won’t feel guilty because I just hope that I can encourage people to get to know Bruxy if they haven’t yet heard his teachings.

I have a new high priority. To learn how to download Bruxy’s podcasts onto my android phone so I can listen to him while I work when it is appropriate, and when I work in the yard. This staying up late has got to stop–and my family will be home soon.

What is the best about Bruxy’s teaching is that I feel inspired to read my Bible, to talk to God even more, to soak in the love of the Father, and to be ever more grateful to Jesus for what he did on the cross. I am remembering more often to see each person as being equally valued by our Father, and to look at them with his eyes of love. I feel more inspired than ever to joyously obey Jesus commandments, and to pray more.  Lots of good stuff is happening in my life as I draw closer to my Lord.
I sure do appreciate Bruxy for the big problem I have!


3 thoughts on “My big problem with Bruxy Cavey

  1. A concern, that maybe you overlooked- was the attention that you are giving him. You appear to exhalt him, he is this divine figure in your eyes that is guiding you on a spiritual path. It is nice to have a mentor, but don’t fixate on someone who’s teachings aren’t always sound. Delve deeper into your own spiritual relationship and let him be a secondary source.

    Lose sleep over God and not a man that whishes to emulate Him, while worshiping himself.

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