Is Bruxy Cavey like Christopher Hitchens orJohn Spong?

Whenever I get enthusiastic about someone, I like to do some research to hear what people who don’t like that person just to see if I’m missing something. So I googled “Is Buxy Cavey a heretic?”

I came across this article where people were quite upset to read an article comparing Bruxy Cavey with two of the least logical leaders I know of–John Sprong and the late Christopher Hitchens.  You’ll need to scroll down a number of paragraphs to read people’s comments.

I have read several of Spong’s book and excerpts from Hitchen’s book, GOD IS NOT GOOD.  I’ve also watched Hitchens in a debate on video.  So I have a bit of experience with what these two believe and how they reason. Spong is a retired Episcopalian bishop and Hitchens is an atheist.  Both are very evangelistic in that  they want to get their message out to the masses believing that they are right and that if people would accept their world view, the world would be a better place.

Neither believes that the scriptures can be trusted. Here is an article that I agreed with about Spong.

I am in complete alignment with the people who were dismayed by an author who would accuse Bruxy Cavey as being in the same kind of theological camp as Hitchens and Spong.  Cavey is the first pastor I have come across with whom I can agree completely with. I am learning about The Meeting House, where he is the teaching pastor, and I am so inspired.

I am feeling closer to God than I ever have, and  having more hope that I really can have the deeper relationship with Jesus that I long for.I am very grateful to Bruxy Cavey for all that he has taught me which is basically to follow Jesus and to filter everything in the Bible through the Jesus lense.

Bruxy Cavey would have a great time having conversations with Spong and (if he were alive) Hitchens. I am sure he would try to understand where they were coming from, and just love them. I am right now going to focus on loving these two men because I know that God values them just like he does everyone else on the planet.



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