How a successful community inspires people to work

I live in East Wind community about eighteen years ago, and I found that their labor system was extremely efficient, fair and even fun.  Here is a very detailed article which will give you both ideas and inspiration:

This paragraph was particularly inspiring to me:

“East Wind’s labor system allows self-motivated and community-minded individuals to thrive. Most East Winders find work in community deeply satisfying (in sharp contrast to many employment experiences outside community). We are able to pursue our own interests and use our skills to better life for ourselves and our friends. We don’t work hard to make money and buy material goods; we work hard to sustain our lifestyle and to provide for ourselves and our community. When our fellow communitarians put in a hard day of work, the results are visible and we are all able to enjoy the benefits (whether those benefits are a hot cooked meal, a fixed automobile, or a successful business). This daily sense of symbiosis, cooperation, and purpose strengthens our sense of community and our appreciation of the individuals we share it with.”

I visited East Wind with my children about three years ago. There does not seem to be very many followers of Jesus there, but we felt welcomed.  I would love to see a core group of disciples of Jesus learn more about East Wind and be inspired to set up a similar community on our land which is near Living Springs.

I am so glad that I lived there for about seven months. Even though it ended up being one of the most painful experiences of my life, I learned a lot about how community can work as well as those aspects which make it not work so well.


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