“Huddle up”–review of a sermon about how to be a disciple of Jesus

You can listen, watch, download, etc. here:

When I went back to this sermon given by teaching pastor Bruxy Cavey to review it for this blog, I realized that I could watch or listen to  this over and over. I am glad to be sharing it because it is helping me realize how much I need to let this information sink deep down inside. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A disciple of Jesus is not just a student but more like an apprentice.
  • The word disciple is used to describe a follower of Jesus 250 times, while the word Christian is used just a handful of times in the New Testament.
  • Calling myself a Christian can lead to me thinking I believe a certain way, or I belong to a religion. But being a disciple is signing up to be like Christ.
  • At the Meeting House, discipleship is not a program–it is a way of life. There may be programs to support people in being better disciple.
  • Discipleship is how you live together relationally-how you interact every day.
  • There is always a take out question for the home churches so that they can discuss the sermon and integrate it into their lives.  The question this time was “Do I want to be like Jesus.”  Bruxy emphasized that on the surface we would say “yes”.  But subconsciously,  there is a good chance we don’t, and that we are sabotaging our efforts to be like Jesus.  Looking honestly at ourselves to see what is, rather than what we want, can lead to change.



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