Divorce, remarriage, and ministry: The Meeting House Perspective

“For many churches, the breakdown of marriage is a serious concern. Some feel so strongly that they won’t let divorced people to become pastors or continue in ministry. At The Meeting House, where we stress an fundamentally relational spirituality based on redemption, we want to bring some hope.” Bruxy Cavey

You can read the whole paper on pdf here

I just read this very moving positional statement which has a biographical twist. Bruxy, the teaching pastor at The Meeting House (a church I am eagerly and enthusiastically learning about) shares his story.  While senior pastor at a Baptist church in Canada, his wife had two adulterous affairs, divorced Bruxy and soon after married the man she was having the current affair with. (please excuse my grammar–I am just trying to explain this as quickly as possible.)

What I appreciate about Bruxy is both his vulnerability and his knowledge of the Bible. He doesn’t just take one passage to prove his point, but takes the whole counsel of the Scriptures both Old and New Testament to show why he believes as he does.

I am so happy that Bruxy is happily re-married, and was asked to be pastor at The Meeting House. I am also glad to hear that the Baptist church that he was pastoring also was very accepting of Bruxy, and allowed him to continue being pastor as long as he wished.

Bruxy is neither legalistic or liberal. That is why I most appreciate about him. Being conservative and compassionate, Mr. Cavey is so inspiring to me.





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