Dancing…or not..for Christians

I loved this explanation of where The Meeting House stands on dancing. I love to dance. I have heard that dancing an hour a day will prevent all emotional problems. Maybe that is an exaggeration–but I have yet to have tried it. Hmmmm. Maybe it is time.

Here is the beginning of the article:
“Someone asked Tony Campolo once whether Christians can dance or not. His answer? “Some can, some can’t!” We like that answer since it humorously also reflects our attitude toward dancing. It, like anything, can be a fantastic gift of God for enjoyment, and celebration or a means of expression. “
I was really inspired by the whole article which showed that in the early Hebrew history, dance was often described in the bible as a good thing such as when David danced. But by the time Jesus came around, the legalistic pharisees had discouraged dancing.
One great example Bruxy shares in this paper is when Jesus tells the story of the prodigal son. When the son comes back, a great party takes place in celebration, and dancing is one of the activities. Bruxy, who is the teaching pastor at The Meeting House tells about how dancing among the early Christians stopped when Constantine came along–about 300 years after Christ died.
The Meeting House is comprised of many home churches who share resources but have smaller communities so that more accountability, intimacy, and relationships can be experienced among Christ followers and people who want to explore having a relationship with Jesus. They had a giant gathering to bring together all their home churches under one roof, and one of the things they did was dance. How I wish I could have been there! I will be going to the One Thing conference if all goes well, and I will do a lot of dancing there!

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