I’m back at my old fellowship–Resurrection Church

Many of my friends know that I took a break from fellowship with my friends at Resurrection Church. There were many reasons, but the bottom line is that I believe that God was leading me to other experiences for a season.

One of the things I was yearning to get involved in was community outreach. Since Resurrection Church is way out in the sticks, it is kind of hard to both invite people, and to get people together to do stuff–besides on Sunday.

When I found Gracepoint Church which meets at George’s Majestic Lounge on Sundays, I was sure that I had finally found a place where my need for community service could be satisfied. They are doing a ton of wonderful things, including during the summer having a weekly meal for kids at Walker Park, helping out with Laundry Love just down the street from us every month, and doing a Corn Maze which is in many ways similar to The Flight to Light Experience with all kinds of activities for the family, and music. All that they do is done so they can be the hands and feet of Jesus, and they also invite people to their church.

I am so glad that I got involved, and I have made some good friends. Chris has made some new friends as well and some good musical connections. I am going to continue attending a “life group” on Sunday mornings because I really like studying the bible with a small group, and I can still get to the Resurrection Church service.

I realized, however, that as much as I want to do community outreach, what I need more than anything during this season of my life is to have a day of fellowship with my friends at Resurrection Church where so many of my relationships have deep roots. I am very much encouraged by my sisters and brothers there. I also want to be with my kids who have decided also to start attending services again at RC. Playing volleyball, dodge ball, and other sports with my children and the other youth is really fun for me and I need the exercise!

I started out trying to get involved with everything that Gracepoint Church was doing, and I figured out that since I am working almost full time, any extra time I have needs to be devoted to my family and home life. Most of the activities I could not do with my kids because of schedule differences. I tried to join a Wednesday night life group, but then I missed out on quality time with Mahriyanna.

I have a new appreciation for Living Springs and Resurrection Church that gives me fresh energy and perspective so that I can more easily connect with people in a way that I hope is pleasing to God. I hope and pray that I can be of help in supporting the people who fellowship at Resurrection Church to be all that God wants them to be–and receive that support from them as well.

I am glad to be back, and excited about the possibilities! God is so good.


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