great podcast and website for singles from Focus on the Family

I stumbled upon this website called Boundless Love and the little I read sounds very inspiring. The fact that is part of Focus on the Family makes gives it much credibility as well.

This article about how to deal with being single in a way that is truly satisfying was very beautiful to me. The title, “I don’t want to wait any more” had me feeling nervous. I was afraid the writer was going to say that she had given up on the idea of purity and decided to have sex before she was married because she just could not stand waiting.  That is what I did starting at age eighteen when I had my first experience with sexual intercourse. Actually, I started at about age fifteen when I first started having boyfriends and thus sexual experiences.  Even though I was brought up in the church, somehow I missed the message of the importance of purity. By the grace of God I no longer experience this sexual addiction.

So this article was very inspiring to me both as a single person, and as a person who wants to make my relationship with God my highest priority.

“I don’t want to wait any more”

I hope these links were helpful to you. I would love to hear from  you if you found something relevant to your situation.


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