Global Warming and the Risen LORD: A discussion on climate change Sunday, Aug 5

I just read most of the book that we will be discussing and I found it to be the most inspiring and practical book I have ever read on how to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world. In addition, it strengthened my resolve to surrender to, trust in, and depend upon Jesus in my spiritual walk. Thirty eight years ago I ended my 13 month solo travels through poor countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka  at age 19 with the revelation that in order to be truly happy I needed to use my talents and work with others to help make the world a better place.

Since then, in spite of many obstacles and my own short coming and brokenness,  I have helped with a number of successful endeavors to help make a better world,   including helping to raise my kids, being a part of the 2000 Mary Lightheart Tree Sit,  and most recently, helping my son Chris produce the min-festival and concert, The Flight to Light Experience. But I kept falling short of feeling like I have found my “niche”.

After reading this book, I believe I have found a purpose which could engage the talents of my whole family and I, as well as deepen my faith and connect me to both my Christian brothers and sisters and the larger community of folks who believe differently.  The author, Ball was instrumental in helping me make a decision to commit my life to Christ over a decade ago because he exemplified a  Christian I thought did not exist–one that was committed to caring for our creation. Now through his book, Global Warming and the Risen Lord,  he is helping me to see the big picture of the direction I want to go in now, and for this I am grateful.

I don’t know Jim personally, but as I read this book I could sense his love and compassion streaming through the words. I highly recommend that you read this book which just might change your life and help you prioritize differently.

You can find copies at the Fayetteville Public library or at Omni Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology. I really hope to see you at the book forum. I attended the last one which was a discussion about a book called A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE by evangelical Christians Andrew Farley and Katharine Hayhoe.  I was amazed and delighted at the civil and inspiring discussion by all kinds of people who are eager to include evangelical Christians in the conversation about solutions to climate change.



1:30 – 3:00 PM SUNDAY, 5 AUGUST 2012

Ann Henry Board Room

Fayetteville Public Library


The forum will be moderated by Terry Tremwell, PhD, MBA. Chair of the Board, Trem|Wel Energy, LLC Silicon Solar Solutions, LLC. Terry Tremwel innovates sustainable and economical solutions. With 25 years of experience indeveloping sustainable solutions in energy efficiency, network efficiency, contaminant hydrology, and watershed master planning, Tremwel seeks elegant solutions to complex problems. He has published three case studies used in the International Graduate Logistics Case Competition, which includes 12 of the top graduate logistics university programs in Europe and the USA. Each case illustrates sustainable practices in supply chain management. He developed and teaches the Sustainability class for the Sam M. Walton College of Business. He has worked in civil and industrial engineering capacities across the continent and in Latin America and Africa.


Global Warming and the Risen Lord, Jim Ball



To give you a sense of where we are going, here is a brief “travel guide” for your journey through this book.


Chapters 1 & 2, Climate Change: The Basics and How We Are Causing Global Warming, will describe what global warming is and how we are causing it, and that this abnormal warming is due primarily to the burning of fossil fuels, with deforestation an important secondary cause.


Chapters 3 & 4, Consequences for the United States – Increased Floods, Droughts, and Wildfires and Coastal Consequences and Health Concerns in the United States, will highlight some of what the United States will experience.


Chapters 5 & 6, Consequences for the Poor in Developing Countries: An Introduction, and Seven Major Impacts on the Poor in Developing Countries, will show how billions of the world’s poor will be seriously impacted by increased hunger, malnutrition, and water scarcity; sea level rise and intensified coastal and inland flooding; and increased vulnerability to health threats like malaria. Consequently, millions will be at risk of becoming climate refugees and billions are at increased risk of violent conflicts.


Chapter 7, The Next Great Cause of Freedom, explains how the consequences of global warming will seriously impede the economic and democratic dimensions of freedom, especially for the poor. However, the solutions to global warming can enhance the economic freedom for the poor and provide chances to create a better life. As a result, overcoming global warming is the next great cause of freedom and an incredible opportunity for us to be engaged in such a cause.


Chapter 8, Christ the Creator and Sustainer, explores the New Testament’s astounding claim that Jesus Christ is the Creator and Sustainer of all things. Therefore our efforts to overcome global warming are in concert with His creating and sustaining activities.


Chapter 9, Christ the True Imago Dei, shares that while we were made in the image of God to freely reflect His will, sin has impeded our capacity to do so. But Jesus of Nazareth was – and the Risen LORD is – the true image of God, the true imago dei. By reflecting Him and following His lead in overcoming global warming, we become more free, beautiful, and glorious.


Chapters 10 & 11 are focused on Christ Our Savior. They remind us that the Father sent the Son to set us free from our bondage to sin so that we can love Him back, and that His grace empowers us to be able to do His will, which includes following the Risen LORD in overcoming global warming. They compare this great moral challenge of global warming to civil rights, and conclude with the reassurance that with the LORD’s help we shall overcome.


Chapters 12, 13, & 14 are focused on Christ Our LORD. They recount how the disciples misunderstood Jesus’ messiahship, how they abandoned him in his time of greatest need, and how after the crucifixion, still in hiding in fear for their lives, it was the Risen LORD’s presence that gave them eyes to see who He really was; allowing them to confess Him to be “My LORD and my God” (Jn 20:28). His presence provided them the courage to go forth boldly proclaiming the Gospel and following Him as LORD, thereby experiencing “life in His name” (Jn 20:31). And it is His love, grace, and presence that will sustain us as we live out His teachings about the five great loves.


Chapter 15, The Spiritual Goal of Overcoming Global Warming: Transforming the Future, anticipates the challenges and opportunities described in chapters 16-21. It asserts that the primary spiritual goal is to become Christ’s agents of transformation as we strive with Him to work with others in overcoming global warming in this great cause of freedom.


Chapters 16 through 19 describe how it is possible to overcome both the causes and consequences of global warming. We can do so at a modest cost or even net economic benefit, but the scale and speed of the changes necessary offer a significant challenge. Overcoming global warming is therefore a tremendous opportunity for Christians to follow the Risen LORD in leading the way. These chapters provide a game plan and concrete examples of how the causes can be successfully addressed in ways that create jobs, enhance the lives of the poor, and bring about a cleaner, safer world.


Chapters 20 & 21 explain how the ways we already assist the poor in developing countries – via sustainable economic progress; addressing hunger, malnutrition, water scarcity, and health issues; the fostering of democracy and human rights; and the empowerment of local communities – are all part of the poor being able to cope with or adapt to the consequences. These chapters also describe how more targeted adaptation efforts such as floating gardens, flood-resistant housing, rainwater harvesting and drought-resistant crops, are also necessary to cope with global warming’s consequences. With sufficient funding and commitment, it will indeed be possible to help the poor in developing countries adapt. This will again provide Christians with tremendous opportunities to make a difference.


Chapter 22, Walking into the Future with the Risen LORD, outlines in practical terms what it means for us to be the Risen LORD’s agents of transformation in this great cause of freedom. It also provides concluding reflections on how Christ the Creator, Sustainer, true image, Savior, and Risen LORD is with us as we grow in the five great loves by playing our part in following Him in overcoming global warming.



Rev. JimBall, Executive Director, Evangelical Environmental Network

Jim Ball, author of the award-winning GlobalWarming and theRisen LORD: Christian Discipleship and Climate Change, currently serves as EEN’s Executive Vice President for Policy and Climate Change. Jim has been named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of their environmental “Warriors and Heroes,” and Time magazine named him one of its five climate change “innovators” in its April 3rd, 2006 edition. He is an ordained Baptist minister with a Ph.D. in theological ethics from Drew University, where his dissertation focused on the evangelical response to creation-care issues. He has a Master of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a BA from Baylor University.



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