Could you forgive someone who killed your whole family?

AS WE FORGIVE: An evening focusing on the power of forgiveness   Film
Showing, prayer, worship, and  discussion:  Friday, June 29, 7PM at
St. Martins Episcopal University Center, 814 Maple St. Fayetteville,

AS WE FORGIVE:   The fifty three minute documentary follows two women
from Rwanda, Rosaria and Chantal, as they face their toughest test of
forgiveness. Since their families were murdered the 1994 Genocide, can
they now forgive the men that tore their lives apart? Find out what
happens when the murderers and the survivors meet and what you can do
to help those so far away. You can find out more about the film and
the help efforts by visiting

You can see the trailer here:

Chris Mikkelson and Mahriyanna Kersbergen, brother and sister team who
are part of the band,  The Flight to Light
will be leading worship,  Patricia Mikkelson will be leading songs as
well. The film is sure to bring up strong emotions and sharing from
the heart will be encouraged to help participants both process
emotions and to connect with the other viewers. More about the film:

St. Martin’s is located on the north side of Maple, west side of
Leverett. University parking after 5 is free.

For more information, call Patricia Mikkelson  479-313-0414


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