Support this initiative to end Planned Parenthood whatever side of the fence you are on

More and more people are exposing the deception that Planned Parenthood perpetrates. Whether you think abortion should be legal or not–if you are fair minded, you will support this endeavor. Planned Former parenthood employees such as Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic,  are bravely exposing lies. You also might not always support the American Center for Law and Justice–but in this case any person who wants justice can agree that Planned Parenthood must be stopped. Here is a letter from the ACLJ:

Planned Parenthood, with a billion-dollar-a-year budget, is the strongest pro-abortion organization in the nation, and we are taking them to court over fraud charges – to put a stop to the alleged overbilling of taxpayers.

They are America’s number one provider of abortions. They’re at the top of the list of organizations responsible for the 53 million babies aborted since the fateful Roe v. Wade decision.

Contribute Now But now we have a rare opportunity to hit them hard financially, with a lawsuit that could put a financial squeeze on them, causing a huge disruption in Planned Parenthood’s ”services” and their expansion plans.

They’re facing significant fraud charges for allegedly overbilling taxpayers more than $180 million over a six-year period. If we win in court, Planned Parenthood could face a crippling court-ordered financial judgment.

ACLJ’s case can hold Planned Parenthood accountable. Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles, Case No. CV 05-8818-AHM, is in federal district court right now, and we are up against the resources that come with their billion-dollar-a-year budget.

Please help ACLJ with this case that’s critical for the future of the unborn. Take this rare opportunity to stand up against the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Give your tax-deductible contribution now to help us with the extensive resources required for this case and other important issues as well.

We represent a former Planned Parenthood executive who blew the whistle on Planned Parenthood and exposed methods allegedly used for bilking millions of dollars from taxpayers. State audits in both California and Washington State have already found Planned Parenthood affiliates guilty of overbilling.

This legal challenge represents a rare opportunity that could help save the lives of innocent unborn babies by devastating Planned Parenthood financially and put an end to their expansion plans.

Last year Planned Parenthood performed hundreds of thousands of abortions, and it relies on tax dollars to subsidize this high-profit industry. It receives over $350 million in tax dollars each year. These taxpayer funds clear the way for Planned Parenthood to use other resources to fund abortions. We cannot miss this opportunity to stop Planned Parenthood in its tracks and force America’s number one abortion provider to pay for the alleged fraudulent scheme using taxpayer dollars.

Thank you for standing with us to stop a giant and save the lives of unborn babies.


Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

P.S. This case has the potential to cripple Planned Parenthood’s financial operations and slow down their growing number of facilities – including abortion clinics – around the nation. Please share this important message with everyone you know who is concerned with protecting the lives of unborn children. Thank you.


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